Double Movie Tech Fail at School Assembly

First, the movie freezes at a school assembly – tech fail #1 – then trying to stream it via YouTube gets blocked by school’s firewall – tech fail #2.

Uh, there is something called “plan for the unexpected.” Perhaps they should have had a back up plan. Students rejoice in the recognition that the firewall SUCKS!

Wow, a Mac Actually Causing some Tech Fail Rage?

I thought that Macs were supposed to be warm and fuzzy and easy to use and not cause a tech fail. Guess this guy didn’t think so!

The guy is probably a temp, was given a crappy computer and told to get a lot of sh-t done!

Monday TechFail Tweets – Server Maintenance, Cursor Craziness & Projector Mayhem

Sometimes Twitter is the best source for technology failure commentary! Check out these recent #TechFail tweets:

Maintenance time is a perfect time for a techfail…and a beer or two!

The gremlins ALWAYS love playing a part in making our technology lives easier!

The worst time for tech to fail is when you really don’t want it to fail!

(source: twitter)

Copying Deep Throat Porn Sometimes is Too Deep

Uh…I have never heard of Deep Throat porn being “too deep”. The image says it all!

Guess you shouldn’t bury your porn too deep in your hard drive.

(source: reddit)

Screensaver Fail Video Collection – No One is Immune!

We all love screensavers, right? Especially when they go on at inappropriate times or lock your computer up or just fail in general. Here are a few videos to help you realize how these things are NOT saving your screen.

Mac Screensaver Fail – really, it’s a feature!

Matrix Screensaver Fail – which pill did that computer take?

PacMac Screensaver Fail – now THAT is a hard game!

Windows 7 Screensaver Fail – who put the soap in the waterfall?

Got a good screensaver fail video? Submit it!