Copying Deep Throat Porn Sometimes is Too Deep

Uh…I have never heard of Deep Throat porn being “too deep”. The image says it all!

Guess you shouldn’t bury your porn too deep in your hard drive.

(source: reddit)

Autocomplete Fail – “Incompatible Content” when “Mailing a Puppy” & Forklift Killing

Gotta love this Google Autocomplete fail! Search “tried to” and wow! Talk about “Incompatible Content” – I’m not sure what is worse, being killed by a forklift or mailing a puppy!


Anyone who tries to mail a puppy while being killed with a forklift SHOULD go to rehab!

And We’re Back…and We’re Not…and We Are…Not (PSN)

The Sony Playstation Network is like a cranky, problematic child. Beaten up on the playground by bullies, then sent to the office, then back to the classroom only to get a test that it gets an “F” on.

Come on! The other kids out there just wanna PLAY!

(source: PCMag)

“All Your Android Info Are Belong To Us” Wifi Hack?

Add this to the…”uh why didn’t we check this” category. Android 2.2.3 users (that’s like 99.7% of Android devices) can have their authentication tokens swiped if on an unsecured wifi network.

Well, big fail for missing in testing. It’s fixed in 2.2.4…but the update isn’t available to many yet…uh…carriers…typically…delay…releases…DOH!

(source: InfoWorld)