Prevue Channel Guide Startup & Boot Fail

Remember those incredibly annoying days of the scrolling “what’s on TV” now? (I guess they still have those on some basic cable plans.) This is a great boot fail of the Prevue Channel Guide.

Granted, this is from 1993 and was probably powered by a computer that now comes in a basic children’s toy. Still an annoying guide one way or another.

Even Apple has Tech Fail – Great Apple Demo Blooper Reel

This is one of the better Apple demo tech fail compilations that I have seen. Pretty funny!

We all love Apple (or at least some of us do), but sometimes it is fun to see the Apple execs (and Sony too) sweat a bit! Welcome to our world!

(source: Hatryst)

Double Movie Tech Fail at School Assembly

First, the movie freezes at a school assembly – tech fail #1 – then trying to stream it via YouTube gets blocked by school’s firewall – tech fail #2.

Uh, there is something called “plan for the unexpected.” Perhaps they should have had a back up plan. Students rejoice in the recognition that the firewall SUCKS!

Wow, a Mac Actually Causing some Tech Fail Rage?

I thought that Macs were supposed to be warm and fuzzy and easy to use and not cause a tech fail. Guess this guy didn’t think so!

The guy is probably a temp, was given a crappy computer and told to get a lot of sh-t done!

Office Rage Caused by Tech Fail or Human Fail?

Well this one is a classic. Not sure if it was something the guy did to the mad (craaaazy) guy’s computer or something that he said to him.

Obviously, I don’t condone workplace violence! But wow did this guy destroy some technology in this office. Here’s another angle:

I guess when you pack that many people like rats into a bunch of cubes, someone is gonna snap. Remember folks, don’t piss people off at your office!