Google Translate Fail – When Is A Word the Exact Same Word?

Google Translate is normally pretty helpful. Except when it provides absolutely NO value whatsoever! Just translate this fail!

Wow Google…I didn’t know that word meant exactly the same thing! Well, maybe the “de” changing to “du” is enough value? Maybe it should be “DUH”!

(source: reddit)

Captcha Fail Gone Wild – Men & Women Alike

I love Captcha. Actually I don’t but it serves a purpose. But tech fails on the Captcha side can be really funny!

OK…here’s another funny one!

And so that it is not just Women we are talking about here…

Who knows if these are legit or some photoshop magic. Regardless, I love the story it tells in this sequence!

Monday TechFail Tweets – Server Maintenance, Cursor Craziness & Projector Mayhem

Sometimes Twitter is the best source for technology failure commentary! Check out these recent #TechFail tweets:

Maintenance time is a perfect time for a techfail…and a beer or two!

The gremlins ALWAYS love playing a part in making our technology lives easier!

The worst time for tech to fail is when you really don’t want it to fail!

(source: twitter)

Verizon Website Programming Fail – “What Do I Put Here?”

Well, at least the Verizon website didn’t throw and error!

It’s that whole downgrade process from 4G to 3G – must be just too new for the developer to handle.

(source: reddit)