These Guys Danced So Hard They Busted the DDRX2 Game!

Perhaps Windows as your OS for a video game isn’t the best choice. These guys danced hard enough to break the game!

Gotta love how it goes through all of the checkdisk process while coming back on line. Of course, you have to endure like 3 minutes of these guys dancing to get to the good stuff!

Prevue Channel Guide Startup & Boot Fail

Remember those incredibly annoying days of the scrolling “what’s on TV” now? (I guess they still have those on some basic cable plans.) This is a great boot fail of the Prevue Channel Guide.

Granted, this is from 1993 and was probably powered by a computer that now comes in a basic children’s toy. Still an annoying guide one way or another.

Google Translate Fail – When Is A Word the Exact Same Word?

Google Translate is normally pretty helpful. Except when it provides absolutely NO value whatsoever! Just translate this fail!

Wow Google…I didn’t know that word meant exactly the same thing! Well, maybe the “de” changing to “du” is enough value? Maybe it should be “DUH”!

(source: reddit)

Satellite Installer Fail – Easiest Isn’t Always the Best!

I’m guessing that this satellite installer had only this job left in their day and just wanted to get it done. Epic installer fail!

I wonder if they will get signal when it rains! Brings new meaning to snow on the screen.

(source: reddit)