Office Rage Caused by Tech Fail or Human Fail?

Well this one is a classic. Not sure if it was something the guy did to the mad (craaaazy) guy’s computer or something that he said to him.

Obviously, I don’t condone workplace violence! But wow did this guy destroy some technology in this office. Here’s another angle:

I guess when you pack that many people like rats into a bunch of cubes, someone is gonna snap. Remember folks, don’t piss people off at your office!

Another Chinese Rocket Fail – Destroys Town in Process

Granted this rocket fail is over 10 years old, but it shows how badly technology can go wrong!

Definitely don’t subscribe to the trial by error methodology employed here.

Ground Control to Major Tom, This Chinese S-300 Rocket’s Gonna Bomb!

Good thing that this Chinese S-300 Rocket fail was equipped with a big red auto-destruct button!

What a wild and crazy Rocket fail ride! Hope it was unmanned – DOH!

(source: liveleak)