Remember the Wii? Here’s the Classic Wii (User) Fail!

Not sure if this is a tech fail or just a fail by someone using tech…or if the person is just dumb.

Still, it’s a classic! “Uh…why doesn’t the TV work any more?” User-induced tech fail!

(source: hillbilly)

When Printing Goes Wrong – REALLY Wrong & A Great Solution!

I gotta hand it to this guy, he definitely has a creative solution to his printing problem!

EPIC tech fail but with an even MORE epic and creative solution.

(source: hillbilly)

And We’re Back…and We’re Not…and We Are…Not (PSN)

The Sony Playstation Network is like a cranky, problematic child. Beaten up on the playground by bullies, then sent to the office, then back to the classroom only to get a test that it gets an “F” on.

Come on! The other kids out there just wanna PLAY!

(source: PCMag)

“All Your Android Info Are Belong To Us” Wifi Hack?

Add this to the…”uh why didn’t we check this” category. Android 2.2.3 users (that’s like 99.7% of Android devices) can have their authentication tokens swiped if on an unsecured wifi network.

Well, big fail for missing in testing. It’s fixed in 2.2.4…but the update isn’t available to many yet…uh…carriers…typically…delay…releases…DOH!

(source: InfoWorld)

Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair (PEBKAC)

Uhhhh…sometimes it’s not really a tech failure…

Really?! Not only pretending to touch-type…but at the login screen with no fields to type in?