Go Ahead – Beat the Sh*t Out of this Cell Phone! Doh!

If you are going to make marketing claims, better be ready for anything!

Uh…back to the drawing board?

Steve Jobs iPhone Fail – It’s The Network…

I wonder what was running through Steve’s head when this happened?

Oh I know…”Who the f— let all these g– d—- people in here with cell phones! They’re f—ing up the f—ing network!!!!”

We hear ya Steve…been saying that for a while!

Even Bill Gates Gets the BSOD

Gotta love it when Bill Gates gets the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) in a demo:

Makes you feel a bit better, doesn’t it?

Ever Had A Day Like This?

Here’s a great one to initiate this site:

Need I say more? This one was a classic!