Wow, a Mac Actually Causing some Tech Fail Rage?

I thought that Macs were supposed to be warm and fuzzy and easy to use and not cause a tech fail. Guess this guy didn’t think so!

The guy is probably a temp, was given a crappy computer and told to get a lot of sh-t done!

When Printing Goes Wrong – REALLY Wrong & A Great Solution!

I gotta hand it to this guy, he definitely has a creative solution to his printing problem!

EPIC tech fail but with an even MORE epic and creative solution.

(source: hillbilly)

Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair (PEBKAC)

Uhhhh…sometimes it’s not really a tech failure…

Really?! Not only pretending to touch-type…but at the login screen with no fields to type in?

Ever Had A Day Like This?

Here’s a great one to initiate this site:

Need I say more? This one was a classic!