ATM Boot-up Fail

I actually took this fail of an ATM frozen at the boot-up screen! Looks like a hard drive failure.

Luckily there was another ATM for me to use next to it.

Remote Control Jet Fail – Up In Flames

Since I’m on the topic of remote control vehicle fails, this one is pretty cool!

With some clever editing, this could look like an actual jet crash.

Electronics Fail Sends Helicopter Crashing Head-First into Ground

Ok, a bit of sensationalism there in the title…did I forget to mention it was an RC helicopter that had the electronics fail?

Not sure if there is a fix for that failure. Looks pretty broken to me…just waiting for a kid to start crying and yelling at their dad.

The Android Robot Ate My Bootup – Tablet Fail

Sure, Android on tablets is a pretty new thing, but from the look of this tablet fail, something is definitely wrong.

I was waiting for the Android robot to just blow up and the screen to melt. THAT would have been cool!

These Guys Danced So Hard They Busted the DDRX2 Game!

Perhaps Windows as your OS for a video game isn’t the best choice. These guys danced hard enough to break the game!

Gotta love how it goes through all of the checkdisk process while coming back on line. Of course, you have to endure like 3 minutes of these guys dancing to get to the good stuff!