These Guys Danced So Hard They Busted the DDRX2 Game!

Perhaps Windows as your OS for a video game isn’t the best choice. These guys danced hard enough to break the game!

Gotta love how it goes through all of the checkdisk process while coming back on line. Of course, you have to endure like 3 minutes of these guys dancing to get to the good stuff!

RocketJump Fail – Watch Out for that Train!

Well, it was a good idea at the time but doing a rocket jump without knowing that the train tracks would be your landing place isn’t that smart!

At least he didn’t blow himself up AND get run over by the train!

Remember the Wii? Here’s the Classic Wii (User) Fail!

Not sure if this is a tech fail or just a fail by someone using tech…or if the person is just dumb.

Still, it’s a classic! “Uh…why doesn’t the TV work any more?” User-induced tech fail!

(source: hillbilly)