ATM Boot-up Fail

I actually took this fail of an ATM frozen at the boot-up screen! Looks like a hard drive failure.

Luckily there was another ATM for me to use next to it.

Find My iPhone Causes Umpire Fail & a Bit of Rage

Technology is usually helpful, except when it isn’t. A youth baseball umpire “lost” his iPhone (Fail #1), “tracked it down” via Find My iPhone (Win #1), accused someone who was “in the proximity” using an iPhone of stealing it (Fail #2), punched the “thief” (Fail #3), took “HIS” iPhone (Fail #4), then later “found” the misplaced iPhone where he had left it (Fail #5).

The umpire is now facing charges of assault and disorderly conduct (Fail #6). Final score? Fail – 6 Win – 1 – all brought on by some pretty cool technology.

(source: TUAW)

Copying Deep Throat Porn Sometimes is Too Deep

Uh…I have never heard of Deep Throat porn being “too deep”. The image says it all!

Guess you shouldn’t bury your porn too deep in your hard drive.

(source: reddit)