Find My iPhone Causes Umpire Fail & a Bit of Rage

Technology is usually helpful, except when it isn’t. A youth baseball umpire “lost” his iPhone (Fail #1), “tracked it down” via Find My iPhone (Win #1), accused someone who was “in the proximity” using an iPhone of stealing it (Fail #2), punched the “thief” (Fail #3), took “HIS” iPhone (Fail #4), then later “found” the misplaced iPhone where he had left it (Fail #5).

The umpire is now facing charges of assault and disorderly conduct (Fail #6). Final score? Fail – 6 Win – 1 – all brought on by some pretty cool technology.

(source: TUAW)

Steve Jobs iPhone Fail – It’s The Network…

I wonder what was running through Steve’s head when this happened?

Oh I know…”Who the f— let all these g– d—- people in here with cell phones! They’re f—ing up the f—ing network!!!!”

We hear ya Steve…been saying that for a while!