Wow, a Mac Actually Causing some Tech Fail Rage?

I thought that Macs were supposed to be warm and fuzzy and easy to use and not cause a tech fail. Guess this guy didn’t think so!

The guy is probably a temp, was given a crappy computer and told to get a lot of sh-t done!

Screensaver Fail Video Collection – No One is Immune!

We all love screensavers, right? Especially when they go on at inappropriate times or lock your computer up or just fail in general. Here are a few videos to help you realize how these things are NOT saving your screen.

Mac Screensaver Fail – really, it’s a feature!

Matrix Screensaver Fail – which pill did that computer take?

PacMac Screensaver Fail – now THAT is a hard game!

Windows 7 Screensaver Fail – who put the soap in the waterfall?

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